Larry Curtis

About the Author: Larry Curtis 

Larry Curtis is an author, speaker, business consultant, and founder of one of the nation's most prestigious cosmetology schools, Taylor Andrews.  As the owner of one of America's 200 Hottest Salons, Larry has the experience and qualitifications to help beauty professionals reach their goals and dreams.  In 1987, after graduating from college with a degree in business, Larry and his wife Sherri, a stylist and makeup artist , started Dallas Roberts Salons (named after their oldest son).  Through smart business practices and incredible customer service, Dallas Roberts grew to three salons, one of which was named to Salon Today's 200 Hottest Salons list.  Disappointed with the quality of new applicants at the salons, Larry decided to make a difference by starting his own cosmetology school, the result of which is Taylor Andrews (named after their youngest son).

Taylor Andrews currently has nearly 500 students at four locations in Utah.  Larry's passion for guiding students and new stylists to success has led to the "Mission Possible" series of salon success CD's, and the recently released book "An Incredible Career in 52 Weeks" which has earned industry praise.  A Professional Beauty Association motivational speaker who teaches all over the western United States, Larry was chosen as a finalist for National Cosmetology Educator of the Year and named Most Inspirational Speaker by Salon City magazine.  He is also a member of the Professional Beauty Association Salon and Spa Leadership Council.